Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey

After getting engaged in June 2021, I realized I needed to make some lifestyle changes to feel my best walking down the aisle. It’s important to note that this is what worked for me, and I'm not a medical professional. Once back home, I started my weight loss journey by focusing on two key areas: fitness and calorie intake.

  • Initially, I began with cardio 4 times a week, incorporating an incline treadmill workout "The Mack Mile"
  • After being consistent with cardio for the first 6 months, I added Pure Barre classes twice a week.
  • For meals, I made sure to maintain a calorie deficit and followed the 80/20 rule.
  • My aim was not just to follow a diet but to transform my lifestyle completely, which made the process more sustainable and less restrictive.

Thanks to these lifestyle changes, I successfully lost over 20 pounds within 8 months.

Mack Mile


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