5 Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Experience

5 Ways to Elevate Your Wedding Experience

Live entertainment during the ceremony

Despite not getting married in a church, we aimed to create a similar ambiance. To achieve this, we hired the choir from my hometown church to perform during the ceremony. This created a beautiful and emotional experience for both us and our guests.

Runway-style seating inspired by a previous wedding

Drawing inspiration from a wedding planned by our wedding coordinator, we opted for runway-style seating. This setup allowed us to have a clear view of our guests, especially our parents, during the ceremony. We also requested guests to remain seated to witness my walk down the aisle, a deliberate decision.

Personalized menu cards for each guest

Let's face it, recalling what you chose to eat for dinner six months ago is challenging. To simplify the dining experience and make it more memorable, we personalized menu cards with each guest's name, ensuring clarity on their evening meal selection.

Incorporating storytelling elements

We shared a unique love story in a personalized newspaper, detailing how we met and the significance behind our chosen wedding date. This personalized touch was well-received by all our guests, offering an easy way to share more about ourselves.

Guest gifting with a personal touch

Crafting the guest gifts for the hotel was a highlight for me. We curated items from our respective home states and our current city, creating a thoughtful gesture that resonated with all our hotel guests. I highly recommend this personal touch for your wedding planning checklist.

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